1. Will my information be kept private?

All of our doctors, nurses, therapists, and support team follow industry best practices as well as federal and state law to make sure your information is kept safe and private.

2. I scheduled my first appointment. What happens next?

Shortly after you schedule your first appointment, we will send you an email with a web link. Use the web link to log into your client portal and access your session at the time of your appointment. You will also receive a welcome email with contact information and instructions on how to complete intake paperwork.

3. What happens during the first appointment?

During your first appointment, your provider will complete an intake assessment to be sure that our services are right for you, and to help us collaborate on a treatment plan to address your concerns.

4. Do you provide FMLA, workplace accommodation, medical clearance letters, short-term disability, or any other clearance or substitute forms?

No, we do not provide authorization or signatures for these letters or forms.